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Settings: DailyRoads.com

Video and photo files can be uploaded to DailyRoads.com, either automatically (see the video/photo settings), or manually from the Files section. The username and password are auto-generated when the application first runs, so you are not required to register first. However, you can change the username and password on the server, and specify them in the application, too. Once you specify your own username in the app, the password will be hidden.

Our long-term goal is to build, organize and make accessible the largest database of videos recorded on the roads around the globe. We need your help to achieve this, so please upload to DailyRoads.com only geotagged videos with their visibility set to public or anonymous.

Only a limited number of private and friends videos/photos are allowed for each user. When the limit is reached, no new files are accepted.

Settings: File storage