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You can get to file management from the main screen's menu, or using a separate launcher icon. The Protected videos folder holds all the video files in the safe zone, while files from Tempvideos may be deleted during automatic cleanup. If you'd like to move a file from Tempvideos to Protected videos, you should do this manually.


By default, all the files are shown in the list, with the most recent ones at the top. But, using the View mode menu option, you can select what should be displayed. E.g. you previously bookmarked a few interesting photos, and now you want to show someone all your bookmarked files.


Sometimes it is easier to organize and delete your files on a PC, or a specialized file manager app on the phone. If you do this, make sure you also use the Refresh menu option, so the database is synchronized with the card's contents. For performance reasons, this is not done automatically/constantly.


A long-tap on any of the files, will bring up the context menu, allowing you to perform common actions on the selected file. One in particular is worth explaining: Nearby files. This triggers a search for photos and videos captured 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after the selected file.


If desired, thumbnails can be also generated, and the captured photos placed into the phone's Gallery. But, some photos can be quite large, and there may not be enough memory available when generating thumbnails. Try reducing the photos' resolution in the settings.


Photos/videos can be viewed either individually, or in a sequence. That sequence can be from the timeline (chronological order), using the top arrows. Additionally, if you select a view mode which displays a subset of the files (e.g. protected videos), you'll get access to the bottom arrows, allowing you to navigate only through this subset.


E.g. you can use the bottom arrows to quickly find a protected video, then continue viewing the video sequences in the timeline, using the top arrows.


When a video file finishes playing, the next in sequence is automatically loaded. A previously used top arrow loads a video from the timeline, while the use of a bottom arrow loads a video from the subset of the selected view mode. All this may sound complicated, but when actually using the arrows, this functionality allows you to sit back and watch a whole sequence of video files in the preferred chronological order.

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