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Key features





  • Continuous video recording with user-defined length and video quality. Sound can be included.

  • User-defined storage space on the SD card - when this space is beginning to fill up, the oldest video files are automatically deleted, to make room for new files.

  • Sudden changes in speed (as detected by the accelerometer), or a touch on the screen (indicating an important road event) triggers the application to place the latest recorded video sequence into a safe zone. This zone is protected from automatic cleanup, and recording can continue, basically allowing the user to accumulate video files of interesting events during the whole journey.

  • Photos can also be automatically captured at user-defined intervals and resolutions. Starting with Voyager 5.0, photos can also be deleted automatically, based on the options specified in the storage settings.

  • Photos/videos can be captured even while the application is in the background. This means you can receive and place calls, receive SMS, use your GPS navigation or radar detection software, and rest assured that everything what happens in front of your vehicle, is still being recorded.

  • The accumulated files can be easily managed through the built-in file manager. It is possible to view photos and play videos (individually, or in a sequence), upload, delete, view on map, bookmark, view details, and select the grouping option which is better suitable for what you want to see.

  • Speed, elevation, timestamp and GPS coordinates are saved each second, and can be shown on videos/photos within the application.

  • Automatically determine street address of protected videos/photos, or display location on a map.

  • Selected (or all) photo/video files can be automatically uploaded to Within the Gallery, there are options to manually upload selected files to YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox etc., through whatever apps you have installed on your phone.

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