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2949 days ago 9 comments Categories: Transportation Tags: Truckers
Today I tested Daily Roads in my truck. This is a great tool and will add some protection from irrate motorists that like to call company transportation office claiming one the company trucks cut them
2231 days ago 2 comments Categories: Terms of use Tags: terms of use, privacy, upload
  We are working on the next update of the site, trying to improve the user experience, and providing easy access to relevant content. Currently, many uploaded videos are kept private, because that i
2638 days ago 1 comments Categories: Transportation Tags: American US Trucker
Hello! I am very much looking forward to using this in my truck while driving across the united states! I suppose I'll be playing around with it a bit until I figure out exactly what I'm doing here. 
1938 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dashcams Tags: CCTV, DVR, insurance, scam, accident
CCTV is a wonderful technological advancement – providing a greater amount of security in Britain than ever before. But CCTV it’s not just helpful for security. It’s also helpful for prevent fraudul
2209 days ago 0 comments Categories: Sensors Tags: Sensors, ultrasound, vehicle, obstacles
Blind spots are a problem for all vehicles, small and large. Moving in small spaces is a big problem for larger, commercial vehicles and even smaller vehicles encounter difficulties in heavily congest
2209 days ago 0 comments Categories: GPS Tags: GPS, tracking, triangulation
OK. Close your eyes for a minute and think back to your school days; in particular trigonometry and geometry. Remember your teacher telling you how triangulation worked, or were you too busy passing
2654 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dashcams Tags: dashcam, video recorder, DVR, vehicle, traffic, roads, smartphone app
  A few years ago only police patrol cars were fitted with dashboard cameras. Later, commercial solutions slowly became available, sold as stand-alone units. Then, in the past 1-2 years mobile phone
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